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6th May 2009
SFcrowsnest have published their review of Iocaste. They were particulary impresed with Black Water "'Black Water' by David Conyers is an absolutely cracking story. It's one of the best I've read for some time... Even within the limitations of a short story, a believable world has been created with two strong characters, Joseph and an Australian woman called Donna, both trying to make their way as best they can. I particularly liked the use of archaic technology, even in the slums of Dar es Salaam. Well, if this is our future, we had better do something about it soon!" The whole review can be read here.
Ian Redman - editor

1st May 2009
SFrevu have posted the first review of issue 24. "Another little gem!" is how Tom describes this issue. You can read the whole thing here.
Ian Redman - editor

6th April 2009
Jupiter 24 Cover Issue 24 is now available!
This issue features Black Water by David Conyers, Sides of the Coin by Gustavo Bondoni, Our Man In Herrje by Andrew Knighton, The Ninth Circle by A.J. Kirby, If you Can't Beat Them... by James McCormick and Dog's Best Friend by Gareth D Jones. S Cerulean provides our great cover artwork.
Once more I think we've produce a great issue, so thanks to all our contributors!
We hope you, our readers enjoy!
Ian Redman - editor

29th January 2009
First review of issue 23 can be found here. Thanks Annie!
Ian Redman - editor

6th January 2009
Issue 23 of Jupiter 'Kalyke' is out now! This issue features 6 stories. The Weight of Shadows by Lee Moan, The Darken loop by Huw Langridge (this is a standalone prequel to Huws story The Ceres Configuration which was featured way back in issue 4), Thicker Than Water by Ian Sales, The Rule of Law by Elaine Graham-Leigh (not a prequel as such, but set earlier in the same universe as her story The Blue Man's Burden from issue 18), Notes from the Apocalypse by Michael Pepper and finally a short The Bridge of the Compass Rose by John Rogers. Lee supplied the cover to go along side his story, one very tallented guy! Overall I think this is another strong issue.
Ian Redman - editor

3rd November 2008
Second review of Harplayke at sfcrowsnest. Another positive review "The 22nd issue of Jupiter arrived with six short stories, all of a good standard with plenty of variation. Now that the autumn chill with wind and rain has descended (unless you're one of the lucky sods on the southern hemisphere) to dampen our mood, this magazine is a good prescription to keep SAD at bay... Two other good stories make up this first-rate issue. 'Jupiter' magazine seems to be getting better and better".
Ian Redman - editor

1st November 2008
First review of issue 22 (Harplayke) has been posted on sfrevu. If like Tom you "hope that sometime Jones will turn this into a novel" you'll be pleased to know that serveral comments he makes on his blog indicates just that.
Ian Redman - editor

18th October 2008
If you've enjoyed reading Gareth Jones' Roadmaker series in Jupiter you might be intererested in poping over to his website where he's posted a 'Friday Flash Fiction' involving one of the minor characters from the series. http://www.garethdjones.co.uk/2008/10/friday-flash-fiction-dod.html.
Ian Redman - editor

7th October 2008
Issue 22 of Jupiter is being sent out to electronic subscribers today, and should be with everyone else over the next week or so. This issue includes fiction from Geoff Nelder, Lawrence Dagstine, Gareth D Jones (with the final part of his Roadmaker series), Simon Petrie, Carmelo Rafala and David Vickery. The cover artwork is provided by R.J. Bartrop. Hope you enjoy it!
Ian Redman - editor

17th June 2008
Jesse Speak has put up a 'Making of' guide to the cover for issue 21. It's really interesting to get a feel for how Jesse goes about his artwork. You can read it here.
Ian Redman - editor

16th June 2008
Congratulations are due to David Towsey, his story By the River (issue 19) has been recommended for Best Short Fiction, British Fantasy Awards 2008. Hopefully lots of BFS members enjoyed this piece and will be voting for it. This is one of those pieces which had a lot of atmosphere to it, and I hope it does well.

Jupiter issue 21 (our 5th anniversary issue) is coming on nicely. This issue features a full colour wrap around cover by Jesse Speak. Personaly, I think it's wonderful!
Jupiter 21 Cover
Ian Redman - editor

2nd May 2008
A review of issue 19 has just appeared on The SF Site. Though strangely the cover picture is of issue 20...
Ian Redman - editor

1st May 2008
SFRevu has the first review of Jupiter issue 20 up to read here.
Ian Redman - editor

15th April 2008
Gareth Jones has been running a series of interviews with several genre editors over on his blog. Today it was my turn. The full interview can be read here.
Ian Redman - editor

4th April 2008
Jupiter issue 20 is out now. We have another fantastic cover from Michael J King, a great poem from G.O. Clark and 7 wonderful stories from Ralph Greco, Jr. , Jens Rushing, Gustavo, Bondoni, George Newberry, Gareth D Jones, Sim Waters and Neil J. Beynon. Personally, I think it's another corker.

For all those who haven't realised, "Taygete" is the 20th moon of Jupiter. It was discovered by a team of astronomers from the University of Hawaii led by Scott S. Sheppard, et al. in 2000, and given the temporary designation S/2000 J 9. Taygete is about 5 kilometres in diameter, and orbits Jupiter at an average distance of 22,439 Mm in 686.675 days, at an inclination of 165° to the ecliptic (163° to Jupiter's equator), in a retrograde direction and with an eccentricity of 0.3678. It was named in October 2002 after Taygete, one of the Pleiades, daughter of the Titan Atlas and mother of Lacedaemon by Zeus (Jupiter). It belongs to the Carme group, made up of irregular retrograde moons orbiting Jupiter at a distance ranging between 23 and 24 Gm and at an inclination of about 165°.
Ian Redman - editor

20th February 2008
Received a story by James Lecky this month, he used to be quite active in the small press field several years ago, both as an editor and writer, Deepest Black will appear in issue 21 in July. John Rogers has also sent us another piece we've accepted. Compass Rose is quite a bit shorter than the fiction we normally publish (only 700 words), but it's one of those pieces you just can't say no to, it's beautiful. Due to its length I'm not sure when this will be published, sometime in the next few issues I hope. John was last published by us back in issue 17 with his story A Mothers Story which SFrevu called 'inspirational'.
Ian Redman - editor

7th February 2008
Accepted The Big Picture today by Christopher Lockhart, this will probably appear in our 5th anniversary issue (#21 out in July), but there's a small chance it might fit into #20. We've also lined up Boxboy by Carmelo Rafala to appear in issue 21. Both these authors have been published in Jupiter before, Christopher in issue 18 with Racers Gambit and Carmelo in issue 17 with Mother Tongue and issue 13 with Replay.
Ian Redman - editor

1st February 2008
Right, as I mentioned in my first post, this was never intended to be a regular blog...
Well, issue 19 has been published now, with fiction from David Towsey, Philip K Lentz, Gustavo Bondoni, Monte Davis and Gareth D Jones. We've also got a Poem by Kristine Ong Muslim and a fantastic cover by Michael J King. So far we've had two reviews published, one at Whispers of Wickedness and a second at SFRevu.
A review has also be posted of issue 18 at The SFSite.
Ian Redman - editor

6th December 2007
Hmm, didn't realise I'd left it this long to post on the blog. Issue 18 is now well and truly out. Our first review is up at SFrevu. Those lovely people at Whispers of Wickedness have also posted a review of issue 17 here. Hopefully the next update won't be after too long a delay...
Ian Redman - editor

17th September 2007
Issue 18 is coming along nicely now, should be ready early October. I've also managed to find time to read a few more stories, we've accepted Roadrider, the next installment in the Roadmaker series by Gareth Jones, also The Humming Place by Ralph Greco and Asymptote by Jens Rushing. Three great stories I'm looking forward to sharing with you in 2008.
Ian Redman - editor

17th August 2007
Accepted The Mine for publication in issue 19, due in January. This is a moving, if not exactly cheery piece written by Neil Beynon.
Ian Redman - editor

10th August 2007
O-Topper, The Musical is the latest story by Monte Davis. Weighing in at 10,000 words it's penciled in for a January publication (#19). I could tell you lots about it, but that'd only ruin the suprise.
Ian Redman - editor

1st August 2007
We've accepted Roadwalker by Gareth Jones for publication in our January issue (#19). This is the sequel to the Roadmaker story published in issue 16.
Ian Redman - editor

12th July 2007
It’s here, the July issue of Jupiter has arrived. Copies started being sent out early last week.
This exciting issue contains no less (and admittedly no more) than 7 stories by John Rogers, V.K. Valev, Gustavo Bondoni, Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano, Kevin Kelliher, Lawrence R Dagstine and Carmelo Rafala. We also have another fantastic cover from Jesse Speak.

Callirrhoe, or Jupiter XVII, is one of Jupiter's outermost named natural satellites. It was discovered by Spacewatch on October 6, 1999 and originally designated as an asteroid (1999 UX18). It was discovered to be in orbit around Jupiter by Tim Spahr on July 18, 2000, and then given the designation S/1999 J 1. Callirrhoe is about 8.6 kilometres in diameter, and orbits Jupiter at an average distance of 24,356 Mm in 776.543 days, at an inclination of 141° to the ecliptic (140° to Jupiter's equator), in a retrograde direction and with an eccentricity of 0.264. It was named in October 2002 after Callirhoe, daughter of the river god Achelous, one of Zeus' (Jupiter's) many conquests. It belongs to the Pasiphaë group, irregular retrograde moons orbiting Jupiter at distances ranging between 22.8 and 24.1 Gm, and with inclinations ranging between 144.5° and 158.3°. As a navigation exercise, the New Horizons spacecraft imaged it on January 10, 2007.
Ian Redman - editor

24th May 2007
Bit of any update this one. Been working hard on the layout of the July issue of Jupiter (#17). We've also recently accepted the following stories for future publication:
The Day Draws Nigh by Sim Waters
By the River by David Towsey
The Penetration of Luna by Philip K. Lentz
I'm really looking forward to seeing these in print.
Ian Redman - editor

2nd May 2007
Gustavo Bondoni will be back with another story in issue 18, As Advertised. What would you do with a machine to control peoples thoughts?
Ian Redman - editor

27th April 2007
Jupiter can now be purchased directly from the US for just $6. This should provide a quicker purchasing method for those from the US. Visit pulpsource to place your order now!
Ian Redman - editor

25th April 2007
Guy T Martland and his story (Patho)Logical Necessity will be appearing in issue 18 of Jupiter. This is a story about the future, commercial side of medicine.
Ian Redman - editor

21st April 2007
Copies of Jupiter can now be ordered in US$ via The Genre Mall.
Ian Redman - editor

18th April 2007
Accepted Mother Tongue by Carmelo Rafala for publication in Issue 17. Lawrence R. Dagstine will also feature in this issue with his story A Soul to the Stars.
Ian Redman - editor

16th April 2007
A review of Jupiter Issue 16:Metis is now available here. We've also modified the website so we can now take payment via google checkout.
Ian Redman - editor

13th April 2007
Recently accepted stories include Space Sneakers Kevin Kelliher and Good Old Days by V.K. Valev. Both these pieces are set to appear in Issue 17.
There's also an interview with me up at Whispers of Wickedness, apparently I'm "one of the most experienced and long lived editors in the UK Small Press"; which is nice.
Ian Redman - editor

3rd April 2007
Run Off by R. R. Angell is set in an all too real sounding future. This is a worrying story about the clean up of our landfill waste. Worrying because it doesn't sound all that unlikely.... This will appear in issue 18.
Ian Redman - editor

2nd April 2007
Issue 16 is now back from the printers, copies will be going out this week, hope you all enjoy it.
Ian Redman - editor

29th March 2007
Accepted The Halo Effect by Corey Kellgren today. Not sure if it'll feature in issue 17 or 18 yet, but certainly something to look out for.
Ian Redman - editor

16th March 2007
Finished reading some more stories submitted to Jupiter. Sadly none of them were Science Fiction. It really does amaze me how many of these I get. It's crazy. Those that come in the post I can understand, it's a bit harder to research the market that way. But stories that are e-mailed, surely you'd at least look at the website first? I just don't get it, a waste of my time, but also theirs.
So Ian's top tip, read writers guidelines, and at least check the subject matter is suitable before submitting to any magazine, anywhere!
Ian Redman - editor

13th March 2007
Just accepted God I am, God I am Not a beautiful tale by Brain Koscienski and Chris Pisano. Nothing especially ground breaking in ideas, but great description lead to a tale I just fell in love with. Wonderful!
Ian Redman - editor

12th March 2007
Finished most of the layout for #16 over the weekend, just got my 'editors intro' and the final proof to go, then off to get printed. Got a bit excited when I realised that this is #16, which means I've done a whole 4 years of publication. Seems quite a lot now I stop to think about it.
Had an e-mail from Peter Tennant with some interview questions I'll be answering for WOW. The questions have been asked by members of the Whispers forums, and it's quite interesting to see what they've come up with. Just hope I can come up with some equally good answers.
Ian Redman - editor

9th March 2007
Just accepted Racer's Gambit by Christopher Lockhart for publication in issue 17. A 5600 word story of fast paced racing on Mars.
Ian Redman - editor

8th March 2007
Thought it might be interesting to start up a blog. I don't intend this to be updated every 5 seconds, but hopefully it'll be a way to keep you informed with what we're getting up to. I'll be letting you know whose stories I've accepted, perhaps a bit on why. The aim I guess is to give you a better insight into Jupiter, a chance to have a little look inside the mind of your editor.

Today I accepted Great Hairy Boats (for #17) by Gustavo Bondoni, a rather wonderful and comical story about Vikings. Not the usual obvious SF I like to publish, but it was too darn good to turn down! Yesterday I accepted A Mother's Story (for #16 or 17) by John Rogers, a SF story looking at what it is to 'belong'. I also accepted Songs of Jupiter (for #16) by Geraint D'Arcy, A wonderful story about peace on Earth.
Ian Redman - editor
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